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Journées Gastronomiques de Sologne

Wine from the Coteaux du Cher

This weekend was an important one for those interested in food and wine in France and especially the centre of france where we are based. The 35th Journées Gastronomiques de Sologne was held in Romorantin, capital of the Sologne region, with some of Frances top chefs in attendance to demonstrate their art and judge the work of others.

Each year the cuisine of a guest country is highlighted alongside the culinary delights of the region and this time it was the turn of Turkey. The main focus was on top chefs and  local apprentices as always, with competitions for bread, deserts, sugar-work and with live demonstrations of the experts and their trainees. It also hosts national level competitions for wine and for cheese.

Wine-makers where out in force and we were able to taste a selection from the Loire region and beyond. The Confrerie des Vignerons des Coteaux du Cher, the guild or fraternity of winemakers from the towns and villages close to where we live, put on a display while several individual producers also had stands. We sampled wines from Vouvray, Sancerre, Coteaux-du-vendomois and all over the Touraine. I will report on the wine awards when the winners are declared.